GMB trade union suspend strike action at North West Ambulance Service
5 September 2018

Talks have been ongoing with the employer and ACAS which have resulted in an agreement to have an independent investigation into the reasons for the delayed evaluation of the role dating back to 2004.

Ourselves and NWAS have drafted what we both believe are the timelines or sequence of events over the last 13 years that have led to the current situation. Both documents will now be merged and agreed as a source of information for the investigation.

Further meetings are planned over the next couple of weeks to agree the scope of the investigation and agree the questions which we would like the investigator to answer.

As these talks are taking place the Branch have agreed, at last night’s meeting, to suspend the planned strike action for a period of a further three weeks to allow for further progress.

The planned continuous action of no external event cover and the overtime ban between 1800 Fridays to 2000 on Monday will continue at the moment but may be reviewed in future.

The branch has also asked that we become involved in a review of the terms of reference for the planned JE in October to ensure it properly reflects the original “option 1”. This may be slightly more difficult as all signatories to those terms of reference will need to agree any alterations but we will of course update you of any further developments as they happen.


GMB North West & Irish Region