Our Trade Union members have access to FREE legal assistance.  The GMB Trade Union has a team of expert personal injury and employment lawyers who have successfully represented our members and their families for many years.

Whilst most law firms acting on a “no win no fee” may now charge you up to 25% of any compensation you are awarded, provided that you comply with the conditions for legal services, as a member of the GMB, the union will NEVER take away any of your compensation and you will always receive 100% of any compensation you are awarded. With the GMB, if your case is successful you will NEVER be left out of pocket.

From 1st April 2013 lawyers can no longer recover all of their costs of pursuing a claim directly from the negligent Defendant of their insurers.

GMB members will still receive 100% of their compensation. If you are a GMB member and have been injured as a result of an accident in work, or you or a member of your family have been injured outside of work, and wish to make a claim then contact UNIONLINE on 0300 333 0303.