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Welcome to our new GMB union equality online section; where we will be giving updates on the campaigns and activities of the various equality strand groups and how you can get involved.

About Union Equality

Equality is the backbone of everything the trade union movement strive to achieve, to make sure our workplaces are fair and equitable for all, eradicating discrimination, tackling bullying and calling out prejudice. The equality agenda is driven by the Regional Equality Forum (REF) through the various equality strand Self Organised Groups (SOGs). The strand groups are BAME, LGBT+, Women, Disabled, Youth. We actively encourage members to support activities and campaigns led by these groups as allies, however to be a member of one of these self organised groups, you must identify with the strand of equality. We always welcome new members to join our self organised groups, currently in line with guidance all meetings are being held electronically so it’s a good time to join in and see what’s happening within the various groups.


GMB trade union Branches are invited to nominate one attendee to the GMB union North West & Irish Regional Equality Conference, this is an annual event under usual circumstances, every two years elections are held for the new Regional Equality Forum at the conference. Under Rule Book branches are required to have a branch equality officer, the details of this individual should be highlighted in the annual Branch Development Plan. There is also a requirement under Rule Book for trade union branches to have a branch race officer and a branch youth officer. If we have contact details for these post holders we can ensure the relevant information is going to the right people to make communication more efficient.

For more information on BAME, LGBT+, Women or Disabled groups contact

or for young members contact

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