GMB North West & Irish Region

Join the GMB union, 10 great reasons to join a union.

By joining the GMB Union you are helping promote our collective values of equality and solidarity in your workplace, increase our bargaining power with your employer and helping grow the wider union movement. Investing in GMB Union guarantees continued pressure on your employer to maintain a fair workplace and policies that are fit for the 21st century world of work.

1.  GMB Union helps our members improve pay, terms and conditions within their workplace and wider employer. Members are given a collective voice during all negotiations, which has led to an approximately 6% increase in pay, as opposed to non-unionised workplaces.

2.  GMB Union workplaces are safer workplaces. Thanks to the ongoing training and development from our regional Education Department, all our members have the opportunity to become representatives, and with further training, health & safety representatives. On average, unionised workplace with health and safety present see a 25% reduction rate in the number of accidents.

3.  GMB Union members enjoy more workplace benefits, like better job security, maternity and paternity rights, robust sickness procedures and solid pension schemes. Likewise, union members are more likely to have control over their working hours and paid holiday.

4.  GMB Union members have access to legal services. Our solicitors are dedicated to our members, they can offer legal advice and represent GMB members at employment tribunals. The GMB Union and our solicitors support members if they are victims of workplace discrimination, bullying and harassment.

5.  GMB Union is aligned with the Labour Party. Through our network of Labour MPs and councillors, GMB members can rely on the union to support them with appropriate political campaigns, as our MPs and councillors give members a voice locally and nationally, through the relevant government institutions. Examples of the GMB Union working with its members and network of Labour affiliated individuals to achieve real change include the justice for the 37 Cammell Lairds strikers and Fans Supporting Foodbanks campaigns, to name but a few.

6.  GMB Union’s Campaign for Justice Conference. Unique to the North West & Irish region, the aforementioned conference takes place annually; its purpose is to highlight the injustices associated with following campaigns, as well as supports them in their fight for justice:

  • Women’s Aid
  • Grenfell
  • Spy Cops
  • #OldTyresKill
  • WASPI Women
  • Orgreave
  • Blacklisting
  • Hillsborough Family Support Group

Members will have the opportunity to attend this conference, as well as suggest campaigns they feel deserve more attention and support.

7.  GMB Union is a gender balanced organisation. Proudly, our membership is comprised of equal numbers of men and women. Furthermore, the North West & Irish region has a Women’s Network that hosts an annual Women’s Conference, which is a forum for women’s ambitions and issues. GMB Union proudly advocates and achieves better workplace support for women, particularly with regards to maternity rights and the menopause.

8.  GMB Union supports LGBTQ+ members and campaigns. Each region has a dedicated Equalities Officer and team of individuals that meet several times per year to discuss and agree upon how best to support our LGBTQ+ members. Building off this, GMB Union is able at spread awareness throughout its workplaces and employers and offers extra support to members who may be disadvantaged as a result of their sexual orientation, gender, trans status etc.

9.  GMB Union supports members of all ages. Throughout workplaces and employers, young and old members are subject to unique forms of discrimination. Typically, young members concerns are not taken seriously, and older members enjoy fewer opportunities to their younger counterparts. GMB has forums set up for both young and old members to get more involved in the union and help drive inclusive policies and practices for the union to champion throughout sectors.

10.  GMB Union is an inclusive union. Our union is proud to represent members who identify as an ethnic minority or are living with a disability. Both in and beyond the workplace, our union is determined to make work better for marginalised members, who are often the victim of direct or indirect discrimination. The aforementioned Equalities Officer and their team are committed to improving working conditions and attitudes from employers.


Join the GMB union. 10 reasons to join a trade union.