GMB North West & Irish Region

GMB union open letter to ASDA

Giovanna Holt, GMB union Senior Organiser, says ''Throughout the pandemic our members in ASDA worked tirelessly keeping stores open on many, many occasions they were subjected to verbal, & sometimes physical abuse.

Over the years we have tried to get ASDA to display signs supporting workers stating abuse will not be tolerated

They've refused, the videos show the horrific consequences of one such attack.''

Chief People Officer at Asda

GMB union is writing to inform you that the recent disgraceful attacks on colleagues at Asda Clapham Junction are the last straw. The attacks on hard working people have been condemned by everyone who has seen the sickening footage. Condemned by everyone that is except Asda! as usual Asda have stayed silent while colleagues are beaten and hospitalised in their store.

Enough is enough! as key workers we have worked through a pandemic helping to ensure that the country has been fed.

We are no longer prepared to put up with abuse and violence at work while Asda stay silent.

We demand that Asda prosecute whenever a colleague is abused or assaulted.

We demand that Asda provide adequate security in all stores.

Only then will we believe that Asda care anything about your staff.

Please add my name to the open letter.