GMB union covid-19 register
29 May 2020

The GMB trade union, with Unionline Solicitors, set up a Covid-19 Risk Register for our union members, workplace representatives and officers. This register is a place you can record when things have gone wrong with the response by your employers to the pandemic.

GMB union Individual Risk Register

Individuals can complete this form to record their concerns about what has happened to them.

As with GMB trade union historic Asbestos Register, this Covid-19 Risk Register will put on the record your concerns so there can be no dispute in the future about the level of risk you have faced.


GMB union Workplace Risk Register

GMB trade union representatives and officers can register your concerns about particular employers or workplaces.

We are putting on record how the GMB union has approached employers to improve the safety of their workforce and what responses employers made.

We expect employers to address the safety concerns of our members in their workplace and will use this recorded information to challenge those that don’t.

The Risk Register is being managed by Unionline. A free legal service for GMB Trade Union members.


GMB North West & Irish Region

GMB North West & Irish Region