Neil Smith GMB union Political Officer
19 March 2024


Following on from the Manchester United vs Liverpool FA Cup game on Sunday I feel I need to say something.

I have been a Utd fan for over 50 yrs and watched them all over the World and I have seen the rivalry first hand over many years at Old Trafford and Anfield but Sundays game was at another Level, I have no problem with Man United fans and Liverpool fans mocking each other it's called football rivalry but we really need to take a stand over the Tragedy chanting, it is getting out of hand  from all sides and needs stopping. But the bigger issue here I believe is the missed opportunity for the likes of Gary Neville and others to call it out.

I actually like Neville for his honesty, and pride in wearing the Utd shirt, he showed it as a player and that's OK. but please use your platform to call out #Hillsborough shouts and death mocking.

Few get in a position to make a difference, use it, call it out and the rivalry will still be there.

The silence from all sides is embarrassing from people in a position to make a difference.

It's a topic they all seem to avoid. just like silence from people who can make a difference is deafening.

We need to come down heavy on those found guilty of Tragedy chanting, Football brings so much joy to so many people all over the world, there is no need for people to be chanting in that way.

If you hear that type of chanting, go to a steward, report it through the proper authorities, and you can change things. We can’t have the minority spoiling it to the Majority!

Neil Smith

Political Officer

GMB North West & Irish Region