GMB union members forced to take stike action at Pemberton Park & Leisure Homes

Company profit doubled in the last 12 months, Dividend of 3.4 million paid out

11 August 2022

Over 100 GMB union Wigan based members took to the streets this week as part of strike action over pay and conditions. A massive 89% voted by 93% to strike after talks broke down and after the mass turnout on the ballot paper the members walked out of work and onto the picket line in a dispute against their employer Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes.

An initial offer of 3% was thrown out and the next offer of 4.4% was then rejected unanimously as anger grew towards an employer, who doubled their profit in the last year, paying out dividends of £3.4 million to three shareholders and refusing to fork out an inflation challenging pay rise and improved terms and conditions for hard pressed staff.

Despite increasing profits the company refuse to pay above statutory sick pay levels and have caused extensive resentment in the way they operate their holiday rotas, with staff only able to book two specific days a year, the remainder dictated by management.

GMB trade union Regional Organiser Steven Whittle was delighted at the turn out and massive response to picket the site; “On Wednesday we had over 90 people at the picket. We have tripled membership during this dispute and the company has to realise our members - their staff have a stomach for this fight and want a deal that reflects our claim and an improvement to pay and conditions.

“Members are seeing inflationary prices in the shops and in their energy bills and are telling us that they have watched years of neglect with little leadership from management and that has helped drive them to this point.”

Steven is seeking support from branches and members of the GMB union to show the workforce they are part of a union that believes in and provides solidarity in practice.

GMB union members Strike action at Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes in Wigan

GMB trade union members Strike action at Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes in Wigan

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