NHS Ambulance trade union GMB Pay Campaign Survey

NHS Ambulance trade union GMB Pay Campaign Survey

23 January 2019

THANK YOU to all GMB members who took the time to complete our recent survey following on from last year’s pay campaign.

The message was loud and clear!

98% of GMB members thought that the pay award was too low.

Many members expressed how overworked, undervalued and underappreciated they feel. The long awaited and much delayed NHS Long Term Plan publication has done little to reassure NHS staff that things are going to change. The Government has let down NHS staff again by delaying the workforce part of the plan until later in the year. How do they expect to deliver everything in the Long Term Plan without first addressing the 100,000+ staffing black hole?! We have to wait again to hear what their staffing intentions are. However, with the plan outlining a wish to double the number of volunteers and no financial amount yet being agreed to address staffing, it may not turn out to be worth the wait.

Other concerns raised in the GMB survey were:

• 92% of members raised pay as one of their main concerns working in the NHS

• 80% Staff Morale

• 78% Staffing Levels

• 48% No Time to Care

• 46% Mental Health

• 45% Privatisation

• 35% Bullying

• 28% Violence, Assaults and Abuse

• 15% Allegations

23% of members reported other concerns to us which included forced and unpaid overtime, no respect and feeling worthless, exhaustion and a general fear for the future of the NHS.

The data collected in this survey has been used to produce the GMB evidence which has now been submitted into the NHS Pay Review Body. You can read our submission at:


Your GMB NHS National Committee promised you the GMB campaign for better pay and terms would continue – and so it will.

GMB – 5 Key Asks for the NHS

1. More funding for pay and services.

2. Let’s get serious about staffing levels.

3. Support for the GMB ‘In Harm’s Way’ Report – 26 recommendations for protecting our emergency service workers.

4. A change of culture within the NHS to address bullying, staff morale and mental health.

5. Oppose privatisation.

Keep an eye out soon for further information on our campaign and details of how you can get involved.

GMB North West & Irish Region