4 April 2020

Vulnerable colleagues who want to work reduced hours

We know that many colleagues who fall into the vulnerable category would like to continue working, but on reduced hours. We’re happy for them to explore this option, but it must be approved by their GSM/SM and their SMP, who will make sure the new working arrangement is recorded accurately.

Please make sure colleagues understand that they will need to commit to a specific number of hours per week. Unfortunately hours cannot be flexed on a week by week basis; this is to make sure colleagues get paid correctly. It’s also worth exploring if a colleague is particularly worried, whether they can move into a role where they’ll come into contact with less people, or if they can work during less busy times. If at any point a colleague feels uncomfortable, they can stop working and remain at home where they will continue to be paid their contracted hours for the remainder of the 12 week period, which started on Monday 23rd March.

We’ve updated our line manger guidance and Q&As on WalmartOne with more information.

Paying our colleagues correctly

As a build on the new hires update I sent yesterday, we need to make sure we are capturing all worked shifts for colleagues using the manual badge register. When your new colleagues are live on the system, a wage adjustment request will need to be submitted to HRSS no later than Friday 17th April to make sure these colleagues are paid correctly. It’s also important to make sure all new colleagues have their bank details accurately submitted on the system, also before Friday 17th April. There’s more information covering the process to follow in the coronavirus update today.

Colleague abuse

As you may have seen in recent news and some of you may have even experienced in your store, there have been multiple incidents of abusive behaviour towards our colleagues where verbal threats referring to coronavirus, coughing and sadly at times spitting at colleagues has occurred.

I want to reassure you that all of these cases are being followed up by our teams and sent to the authorities to make sure consistent and appropriate action is being taken based on the power police now have to deal with such incidents.

Gloves and sanitiser

All stores will receive a further allocation of hand gel and gloves which will be delivered in to store by FedEx by Friday. There is the equivalent of two weeks supply of gloves within this allocation, which are to be distributed to checkout, click and collect, personal delivery drivers and City colleagues.

Product limiting

Our position on availability has improved and we have decided to remove the product limits which are currently in place across ambient, with the exception of hand sanitiser, toilet roll and baby milk. Please remove product limiting POS from across the store, except from the three commodities specified. We will update the printable POS and attach to tomorrow evening's coronavirus update, in the meantime keep the existing POS up within those areas.

Please make sure this message is shared with all colleagues in store.

GM replenishment switch on

Due to sales performance we have started to switch back on some areas of GM replenishment. The areas that have been prioritised for replenishment are Easter, Promotion, Stationery, Crafting, Ink, Gardening, Music, Video, Games and Books. We will be continuing to review GM volumes and sales and will start to flow more stock into stores within the next week.

Fly tipping due to car park clothing bank closures

We're aware that a number of stores are starting to see instances of fly tipping in some of our car parks. We're reviewing the best way to deal with this and will give further clarity to you in the coming days. However in the meantime if you are seeing this happen please contact the Waste & Recycling team to arrange a collection. Details will be shared in tonight’s coronavirus update.

Social distancing guidance

We've been working hard to create the best possible guidance for our stores in many areas of the operation around social distancing for our colleagues. We've been focusing on areas where social distancing is difficult to achieve for colleagues in store. We will be ready to share this guidance with you tomorrow and please look out for the update in tomorrow evening's coronavirus update.

GMB North West & Irish Region