GMB union political officer Christmas message

GMB trade union working with Labour for a better society

23 December 2020

As a trade union tied into the traditions of the labour movement and an affiliate of the Labour Party the GMB union wants to play a big part in achieving a better society.

And as the UK prepares for a festive season such has never experienced before, people are facing uncertainty about so many things, but one thing most of us want is an end to the way this country is being run.

*Mishandling of the coronavirus from the start leading to a massive number of deaths. *Only days away from a headlong rush out of the EU and into a chaotic morass of confusion over trade, travel and our civil rights.

*Corruption and nepotism with millions of pounds of government contracts going to Tory cronies and pals.

*Incompetence and failings from a raft of government ministers and officials.

We will never get sick of highlighting the pathetic nature of this government. As a union we seek to challenge policies and practices which endanger lives and damage our society through austerity. We expect the Labour Party to do the same. For want of a better phrase - to do the right thing.

That means giving leadership in mobilising members of unions and the party to take up the fight at every opportunity. It’s not as though we don’t have targets or ammunition to take aim with. The shambles of the biggest lorry park-in the world in Dover and Kent and confusing u-turns over lockdowns and lock-ins, is down to this Tory cabal of idiots. So when we are diverted by shenanigans of Labour elected members it is a kick in the teeth, tripping us up when we should be stepping up our offensive.

It is not good enough for our class to see our elected politicians arrested, unacceptable at this time of historic corruption at government levels to let them off the hook. But we also need the councillors and parliamentarians to back us when we call for support, demanding they speak up against attacks on workers in the likes of British Gas and the NHS. We don’t want mealy-mouthed excuses or bleating about government cuts. Join us in doing everything we can to get rid of this pathetic government and give us some cheer as we try and look forward to a happier new year and better future. Let’s have a Merry Christmas and look forward to a Tory-free New Year.

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