GMB trade union 2021 Elections for General Secretary and Treasurer

If you do not receive your ballot paper by Thursday 13 May 2021, contact your Regional Office.

13 May 2021

GMB union Elections 2021 for General Secretary and Treasurer

Dear GMB Member

Your union is holding an election for General Secretary & Treasurer. There are three candidates: Rehana Azam, Giovanna Holt and Gary Smith.

Everyone in membership of GMB on 31 March 2021 is entitled to vote in this important election.

The General Secretary & Treasurer is the senior full-time officer in GMB, responsible to the Central Executive Council, and is responsible for managing the union and delivering our policies.

This election will have a big impact on the future of your great union and on our ability to work for you.

The law prevents us from using internet voting, so everything must be done by post.  Ballot papers will reach you at your home address by Wednesday 12 May 2021 from the independent scrutineer, Civica.

Please look out for your ballot, use it to vote and pop it back in the post. 

If you do not receive your ballot paper by Thursday 13 May 2021, contact your Regional Office.

Your union’s Central Executive Council urges you to exercise your right to vote in this important election for your next General Secretary & Treasurer.

In solidarity

Barbara Plant

GMB trade union

National President

With reference to by-law 22 of the General Secretary & Treasurer Election 2021 by-laws:

22. Up to two nationally organised electronic hustings will be held. Recordings of electronic hustings, together with a video statement from each candidate, will be posted on the GMB website and sent to all Regional Secretaries and to all Branch Secretaries for onward transmission to members. The message accompanying this transmission to members should include an encouragement to vote, and the wording should be strictly as agreed by the Finance & General Purposes Committee.

Please find attached a link to the GMB National website page which contains an encouragement to vote message from the National President Barbara Plant, a recording of the candidate hustings held on Monday 10 May, and video statements from each candidate.


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