GMB union Aviation campaign to loby westminster

''We need a government who will listen and consult over the way forward,” said Nikki Minnis

8 July 2021

GMB Aviation campaign gets off to a flying start Lime Street to London.

THREE GMB union reps joined thousands of people lobbying Westminster as part of the launch of a new Aviation industry campaign. The reps from John Lennon Airport took time out to explain just why they were taking the message south to the government. 

“We are making it clear to anyone who is listening that our industry is under massive pressure and is being battered by this government. Today we are kick starting a campaign involving workers from across the whole spectrum of aviation and will be continuing to shout that we need a government who will listen and consult over the way forward,” said Nikki Minnis who is on the GMB tarde union's national committee for the aviation industry. 

Her colleague Peter O’ Connell was quick to point out the damage already being done during the Covid lockdowns: “Around 4000 jobs were lost last year and hundreds are at risk now. We are sick of watching skilled and experienced colleagues leaving the industry and something needs to change before it is too late.” 

John Waterhouse has been active in the union at JLA over the last five years and says he has not been impressed with the Westminster government in their handling of the economy during the pandemic. “The way our industry has been treated is an example of the incompetence of the UK government. Ministers have been sending out mixed messages and it is causing nothing but confusion and instability. One minute we are all heading back to work after months of frustration being at home and next thing the government does a u-turn and we are all back on furlough. It is damaging the industry and along with that the mental health of many people employed in airports.” 

The campaign received extensive media attention but the reps say the campaign needs to be raised to a higher level to hold the government to account, save jobs and ensures Liverpool has an airport once the pandemic is over.

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from left to right are Peter O’ Connell, Nikki Minnis and John Waterhouse