GMB union ballot members at British Gas

GMB union members will demand an insurance policy of their own

to be used if the business continues with their hostile agenda

16 July 2020

GMB union to ballot members on Industrial Action at British Gas

Centrica showing their true intentions. In the second week of the terms & conditions negotiations with GMB trade union the company referred to its need to have what it called “An Insurance Policy”. What they mean is that if the workforce will not agree to a new set of pay, and terms & conditions acceptable to the company, they will terminate your employment and offer what is called “re-engagement” on a new contract of employment and new pay & conditions. The start of that process was today when they issued 6 months’ notice of termination of collective agreements with GMB union and the other unions.

Whilst you have worked throughout the Covid19 crisis to maintain services to customers, or in many cases rebuilding the British Gas brand by supporting the local community delivering millions of meals to the elderly & vulnerable, the company have been busy behind your backs plotting to shaft a loyal and hard-working workforce.

Centrica rightly point to the poor state of the company, but the reasons for this are nothing to do with ordinary employees who have continued to do their jobs professionally. Serial mismanagement over many years, has left this once great company a shadow of its former self. GMB union members recognise that change is needed, however this change must happen with the workforce - not at the workforce.

At one of the early Town Hall meetings, a member asked “how does this plan differ from all the other plans”.
We still have no answer to this, but what this plan has in common with every other plan is that it lays the blame on the workforce and will seek to again try to cut its way out. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.
Today’s actions go right to the heart of employee’s trust in Centrica.

As we enter a new era, GMB trade union members will demand an insurance policy of their own to be used if the business continues with their hostile agenda. For years, your futures have been trusted to the company, today that stops. GMB union will take that away from the business, and from now on you will decide how we move forward.

While we wait to see if the company want a real negotiation rather than a consultation, GMB trade union will now begin the process of engaging with you over industrial action.
In solidarity,
Justin Bowden, GMB union National Secretary
Aubrey Thompson, Chair of Service & Repair
Paul Hamilton, Vice Chair Service & Repair
Paul Greenwood, Chair UKI
Charlotte Gardner, Chair Staff
Ian Brown, Vice-Chair Staff
Steven Whittle, Lead Rep Smart
Nick Bollam, Regional Secretary South, Smart
Kevin Haddington, Chair ESD
Brian Jones, Chair PH Jones
Elizabeth Robinson, Chair BGB

GMB North West & Irish Region