GMB ASDA trade union update
29 October 2018

ASDA management has issued GMB Union with potential redundancy notices for just under 2,500 colleagues in 5 separate areas of work:

  • Combined Back Office

  • George Desks

  • Petrol

  • Hosting

  • Bakery

ASDA has started collective consultation with GMB for a minimum of 45 days. Management says they do not plan to start individual consultation until the New Year. Any redundancies will take place in February 2019 at the earliest.

During the consultation period GMB will be aiming to alter the proposals and dramatically reduce the number of potential redundancies. ASDA is performing well and is highly profitable. ASDA colleagues are the backbone of the company and staff further cuts will hit customer service and availability.

The ASDA Proposals

Combined Back Office - ASDA is proposing to combine the cash office, administration and people tasks. They are also proposing to change the shape of day, reduce the potential hours and re-rota. The proposal puts 442 colleagues at risk of redundancy.

George Desks - ASDA is proposing to remove George Desks in 47 stores and reduce the total number of hours. The proposal puts 207 colleagues at risk of redundancy.

Petrol - ASDA is proposing to change the format of some petrol stations from kiosk or shop to automated. This proposal also involves reshaping the day, a reduction in hours and a re-rota.

The proposal puts 144 colleagues at risk at 19 sites.

Hosting - ASDA is proposing that front end hosts should work across functionality. This would result in a reduction of hours, a re-rota and realignment of the shape of day. The proposal puts 1,293 colleagues at risk of redundancy.

Bakery - ASDA is proposing to reduce the number of bakery hours and re-rota. The proposal puts 359 colleagues at the risk of redundancy.

Please speak to your GMB workplace rep or regional organiser for advice, assistance and representation. We will keep you fully informed of developments from the weekly consultation meetings. Please give us your views and opinions to raise at the meetings.

GMB North West & Irish Region