GMB union regional CEC statement

We have listened, we have taken action now we will proceed with unwavering determination

3 September 2020

Statement from the elected GMB union NW& I Region Central Executive Council members.

Date: 3rd September 2020

Ref: External investigation

Members may be aware of the recently published external report commissioned by the GMB Union Central Executive Council (CEC) in response to recent allegations made. The CEC consists of fellow members elected by you to protect the rule book and ensure transparency throughout. This investigation was commissioned by your CEC and fully supported by the North West and Irish region CEC delegation to do just that.

The report makes for uncomfortable reading however, it is also now an opportunity to examine the recommendations made and for us as the CEC to take immediate action, on your behalf, to ensure the findings are dealt with, firm instruction is issued and appropriate action is taken.

Thank you to all comrades who participated and communicated with Karon Monaghan QC and would like to give our full and unreserved assurances that these findings will be dealt with robustly, without delay and will make full use of the powers entrusted to us under the rule book.

To all our members particularly in the North West and Irish region who work hard every day, without agenda and for the greater good of our union, workplaces and communities – Thank you. We are a strong union and whilst we navigate a dark period remain strong in the resolve that this report will ultimately make us stronger.

We have listened, we have taken action now we will proceed with unwavering determination, on your behalf, to protect and defend our hardworking members whilst ensuring the rule book which has been entrusted to us, is protected and used correctly.

Additional steps have been approved and fully supported by us to provide clarity in the area of finance over a 4-year period as well as overseeing other internal investigations to get to the heart of some of the issues that this difficult period has brought to light.

We will not allow this report to reflect badly on our members and staff who work so tirelessly in search of justice for members. Equally we will not allow this to be buried or brushed under the carpet. The issues identified will be scrutinised and the recommendations outlined in the report will be addressed in full.

Yours in solidarity and on behalf of the GMB Union North West and Irish Region elected CEC members:

David Flanagan            Cath Sutton

Margaret Gregg            Lorraine Winson              

Robert Welham             David Hope

CLICK HERE for the report

GMB North West & Irish Region