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The Tory government continues to make the rules up as they go along.

2 November 2022

Following a dubious leadership contest, last week saw the appointment of yet another Tory Party leader and unelected British Prime Minister in the space of a few months. However, despite a change in leadership, the Conservative Party remains the same; untruthful, untrustworthy, and unfit to govern.

From Dishy to Dithering, Rishi Sunak has been widely criticised for his decision to snub the 27th annual Conference of Parties, otherwise known as COP27, commencing in Egypt on Sunday 6th November. Already he has made no secret that he posses the same toxic traits as his predecessors, treating contentious issues such as the climate crisis with blasé behaviour; the exact sort of apathetic attitude which was observed during the Covid-19 pandemic, costing the country thousands of lives and millions of pounds.

Furthermore, sources in and around Westminster suggest Sunak’s decision to miss COP27 is under review, which if true, is yet another U-turn in an exceptionally long list. Perhaps the country is Ready for Rishi after all, given that for the last 12 years the same Tory experiments have been pulled time and time again, only to face overwhelming backlash and see them revert on their poorly, not so well-thought-out plans; from fracking experiments on the environment to firing and rehiring staff throughout healthcare and policing, backtracking is the only constant in over a decade of Tory misrule.

Moreover, it is in the Prime Ministers best interests to attend COP27, given his governments abhorrent response to sewage being dumped into the sea. On Monday 31st October, Mark Spencer MP, a Conservative Environment Minister, suggested the public were responsible for sewage dumping and together ‘we could all help as individuals.’ This ridiculous assertion was met with backlash from environmental groups such as Surfers Against Sewage, who rightly accused the government and water companies of absolving themselves of any wrongdoing and responsibility. Since leaving the European Union, this government has capitalised on the opportunity to turn a blind eye to major health and safety breaches.

Regardless of Sunak’s decision, GMB Union condemns the Prime Minister and his governments ignorance towards environmental related matters. In addition, GMB Union supports a Green New Deal for its members, to save and produce up to three times as many jobs in renewable oil and gas, at the same time as committing to sustainability and protecting the planet. Furthermore, GMB Union is committed to providing safe working environments, as on average 50,000 people lose their lives in work-related incidents each year. GMB Union’s North West & Irish Region Education Department produces information and delivers courses on health and safety which seek to inform and as a result protect our members.

In other news, at the cost of support for his leadership bid, Sunak has created a rod for his own back by reappointing Suella Braverman as Home Secretary. Despite resigning mere days prior due to a data breach whereby Braverman sent an email containing a confidential Home Office document to a colleague form her personal account, Sunak was willing to gamble the safety of the country in exchange for Braverman and her right-wing colleague's loyalty. In recent days, further lies have become known after Braverman insisted that she reported the breach immediately, when evidence shows that the Chief Whip, Wendy Morton, was notified by Braverman almost two hours later. Once again, the nation is the victim of internal Tory Party politics.

GMB Union condemns the reappointment of Braverman, not least due to her incompetence and - as a result - danger to the countries security, but also her diabolical track record on workers' rights and protections, as well as her stance on immigration and asylum seeking. Her comment which branded those seeking safe refuge as ‘invaders’ is yet to be endorsed or repeated by her Tory colleagues, underscoring just how repulsive and out of touch her position is.

A pound-shop Enoch Powell, Braverman is desperate to repackage and resell an outdated and borderline fascist set of beliefs. Evidently, when faced with the prospect of election wipe-out, the Conservatives can rely on their age old, hard-line stance on immigration and asylum seeking to somewhat rescue their dire polling figures. GMB Union condemns Braverman’s desire to scape goat genuine immigrants and asylum seekers in exchange for votes at the next election.

In summary, the Tory government continues to make the rules up as they go along. From the Prime Minister’s uninterested and indifferent attitude towards COP27 and sewage being dumped, to Braverman’s resignation and reappointment; this government is a walking contradiction. GMB Union continues to stand up for its members rights and protections at work and seeks to bring an end to the Tories abysmal governance and ineligible ideology.

Neil Smith, Political Officer

Written and edited by Shaun Nash

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