GMB trade union ASDA vulnerable members update

let those hundreds of members that have been contacting us, scared about being forced back to work

5 June 2020

GMB trade union have now, at least a short reprieve for vulnerable ASDA collegues.

Statement from ASDA to GMB trade union members, for the vulnerable colleagues and those living with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable themselves.

We are expecting that the government will update their guidance on vulnerable group during w/c 15th June. As your health and wellbeing is incredibly important to us we want to wait for this updated guidance before we invite and welcome those of you who are vulnerable or living with someone clinically extremely vulnerable back to work.

So until then we would like you to continue to stay at home and then as soon as we have this update we will be back in touch to give you more information.

If the government advice is that it’s safe for you to return to work then we will start to make plans to welcome you safely back into work. You will receive at least 7 days notice of your return date and you will be paid to stay at home up to your agreed return date.

Of course, as has always been the case, you can choose to come back to work sooner. Please speak to your line manager so that they can confirm arrangements with you and discuss social distancing measures to help keep everyone safe.

There is no change for colleagues who are clinically extremely vulnerable and if you are in this group you must continue to remain off work until Tuesday 30th June.

GMB union statement, Roger Jenkins GMB Union National Officer.

Over the past weeks our vulnerable members have been contacted by ASDA about their return to work.

  • GMB union have received hundreds of calls by concerned members with underlying health conditions and those residing with extremely vulnerable family members about their fears of ending their shielding and isolation.
  • Government advice for this group has been poor and contradictory with no clear guidance on keeping themselves safe.
  • GMB trade union has been stating the case to ASDA over the past weeks to keep these members safe and extend the paid period of paid leave to keep those colleagues safe.
  • We are pleased to report that ADSA have now agreed with GMB trade union, done the right thing for this group and extended their leave pending clear, scientific advice from government on their safe return.
  • We would like to pay tribute to the GMB union local and national reps for taking up the case and winning the argument.


Please share with GMB trade union reps and union members, let those hundreds of members that have been contacting us, scared about being forced back to work, know, that they have now, at least a short reprieve.


GMB North West & Irish Region