GMB trade union for NHS paramedics and ambulance staff
26 March 2019

Roster Review - As you know the trust engaged a company (ORH) to carry out a demand analysis for PES to ensure the correct level of resource was available since the introduction of ARP.

It showed what ambulances are required in locations by hour of the day and you won’t be surprised that it proved that we did not have enough out at present.

They have now been to the commissioners to ask for appropriate funding to ensure our resource matches demand, we will find out this week if that funding is being made available.

The trust has also engaged a company called Working Time Solutions (WTS) to review all current rosters. With the aim of ensuring correct levels of cover in all areas, this will involve some amendments of existing rosters and additional rosters being introduced.

The GMB have made it clear that we will engage in this process on the proviso that there will be no loss of existing 24 hour cover and our aim is to eradicate relief work where possible.

A number of meetings have been held to try to agree a set of principle for WTS to work to but they could not be agreed last week as the sticking point was the element of relief working.

This will now be further discussed this week at the Regional A&E group.

Once these principles have been agreed WTS will establish local working parties to ascertain from staff their preferred options and preferences.

This work will start in the Manchester PES, EOC’s and 111 in the first instance. We will keep a very close eye on developments and report back via this medium.

Hours Owed - Talking about rosters it is clear that the trust are struggling to monitor staff hours via the GRS system with staff being told they owe hours back.

We have now looked at the data provided by the Trust which was for a 31 week period, it shows that staff owe a total of;

  • 16,979 hours in GM
  • 14,557 hours in C&M
  • 8,531 hour in C&L

However, the report also shows that the Trust owes staff hours and those totals are;

  • 16,250 hours in GM
  • 6189 hours in C&M
  • 7022 hours in C&L

We find these figures incredible given the fact that relief hours should be balanced every eight weeks.

We have suggested that the external auditors are brought in to investigate this and have asked a series of questions including what plans are there to repay staff who have overworked.

We will of course notify you when we get a response.

GMB North West & Irish Region