GMB union update Manchester fayre


27 October 2020

GMB union update on Manchester Fayre Update

We have been informed that members working within Manchester Fayre (Manchester City Council school meals provider) have been told that the council is going to consider at Executive Committee on the 11th of November no longer providing a School Meals Service from September 2021.

In a nutshell this means that all staff will be either TUPED to their individual school or the school would have to choose their own provider.

Given that we are aware as a trade union of how our members, who are mainly low paid female workers, are treated by private companies whose first intention is usually to attack their terms and conditions, we feel the decision to even consider transferring Manchester Fayre is short-sighted and would leave our members at potential risk in the future.

We can assure you that the GMB trade union is fighting to ensure this valuable service remains in-house and more especially that the schools of Manchester keep the standards of catering that Manchester Fayre provides.

We also understand that letters from Manchester City Council have been sent to members confirming the situation.

We are calling upon all Manchester Fayre staff to email Dave Schofield at the following address:

to register your concerns and to ensure that we have your up to date contact details.

Any Manchester Fayre staff not in a union please join using the link below to join the fight to SAVE MANCHESTER FAYRE

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