Holiday update for GMB union members at ASDA
5 April 2022

Holiday update for GMB union members at ASDA.

Q: Is there a maximum number of days that I am allowed to carry over?

A: We're delighted to confirm that there is no cap on the number of holidays you are allowed to carry over into the 2022/23holiday year and that includes lieu hours in ALS.

Q: Can I cancel holiday I have already booked in this holiday year (2021/22) and carry it forward into next year's holiday (2022/23)?

A: It's really important for your own wellbeing that you take the holidays you have booked so that you can rest and recharge.  You will only be able to cancel existing holidays you have booked on the system in exceptional circumstances.  To discuss further please speak to your Line Manager.

Q: Do I need to take holidays I have carried over from 2021/22 by a specific time?

A: Colleagues have 24 months to use any outstanding holiday that is carried over from the 2021/22 holiday year.  The 24 months starts on Thursday 1st April for salaried colleagues, and Sunday 3rd April for hourly.

Q: Can I choose to have the holiday paid to me instead?

A: No, you must take your holiday in the current holiday year or carry it forward into the next.

Q: Can I book time off that wouldn't usually be agreed i.e. odd days off, extended holiday?

A: We will always need to make sure we manage holidays to support the needs of the business and our customers, but we will always try to be flexible where we can.  Have a chat with your Manager about the time you'd like to take.

Holiday update for GMB union members at ASDA Join the GMB union