GMB gets organised at LIDL
23 September 2016

The GMB North West & Irish Region Recruitment Team was out from the early hours on 21st September at the Lidl Distribution Centre in Runcorn, receiving a great response from workers as they informed them about the latest updates in our union recognition campaign at Lidl. 


GMB, Britain’s General Union, is celebrating a landmark legal victory over your employer Lidl. The Central Arbitration Committee (CAC), the independent tribunal with statutory powers over trade union recognition, dismissed Lidl’s attempts to block your fellow warehouse operatives employed at the company’s Bridgend distribution centre from having a union represent their interests.
GMB's successful legal defence confirms the right of GMB members to negotiate Pay and Terms & Conditions within the company after the supermarket's objections were thrown out. Following the ruling, the union called for a ballot to be organised as soon as possible so that your colleagues could decide whether GMB should be formally recognised for collective bargaining purposes at Lidl’s Bridgend Distribution Centre. Justin Bowden, GMB National Secretary said “Lidl's attempts at union busting were quite properly thrown out by the judge in a massive victory for rights at work. The suggestion that Lidl's workers do not need the option of a trade union to stick up for them and fight for their interests is baloney, pure and simple.”

As a result of the ruling, employees will get the chance to decide for themselves whether the company's own 'personal personnel hotline' is any match for an independent union taking their side and defending their interests in the workplace. This ruling now opens the gates to not only improving employees’ pay and terms and conditions at the Bridgend site, but for every Lidl worker at each of the Distribution sites. If enough Lidl employees join the GMB at the Runcorn Distribution Centre, then we can begin the process of gaining recognition here too.

GMB already have national recognition agreements with companies such as Asda and Wilkinson’s, so join up for pay negotiations, Health & Safety, fully trained workplace Union reps and much more. Please complete the attached joining form and return it in the prepaid envelope supplied. GMB membership is £1.75 per week if you work under 20 hours a week or £3 per week if you work more than 20 hours a week.

With union recognition, the GMB can help Lidl workers push for better pay and terms and conditions in their workplaces. If you would like more information on our union recognition campaign and how the GMB trade union can protect you at work, contact Regional Organiser Stephen Boden on 01925 630 095 or email

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