27 January 2023


GMB trade union reps across the sectors constantly tell us that employers do not have or do not implement policies designed to give added protection to our members.

This new short course will provide additional tools and strategies to enable negotiated improvements to our recognition agreements.

Nearly all our training is health and safety orientated, including the highlighting of laws and policies that employers should abide by and ensure mangers put into practice.

This year already we have arranged sessions with managements at a number of companies in the region, to explain our demands and needs.

Policies we want put into daily practice are covered on our advanced courses, but we need to enable our reps and officers to argue constructively and negotiate to have the policies as the standards for industrial relations.

Stress and mental health; Bullying & harassment; Absence management; Grievance & disciplinary; Menopause/hidden disabilities H&S.

The practice of gaining written agreement between GMB union and employer that these issues and individual agreements such as Reasonable Adjustment agreements, are essential both in writing and practice is our target for reps this year.

We will endeavour to put forward the best policy statements for consultation and negotiation.


Paul Holleran

Education & Health and Safety Officer

GMB union North West Irish region

JOIN THE GMB UNION - rep training January 2023