20 March 2023

What is the GMB union position on the pay offer 2023/2023

Nov/Dec 2022 - GMB union Regions consulted members on pay aspirations

11 Jan 2023 - GMB union National Local Government & School Support Staff Committees agree GMB union Pay Claim

16 Jan 2023 - GMB presents pay claim to recognised unions (Unison & Unite). Joint unions agree joint pay claim.

30 Jan 2023 - Unions submit joint union pay claim to LGA.

Feb 2023 - LGA consult local authority employers on pay claim.

23 Feb 2023 - Pay offer received.

7 Mar 2023 - GMB union National Local Government & School Support Staff Committees agree to recommend reject of the pay offer if no improvements can be secured.

8 Mar 2023 - Pay negotiations with LGA. No further improvements.

At a time, when the cost of living continues to increase significantly for all of us, this pay offer is a real terms pay cut. This offer is also made without central funding from Government which means the financial responsibility will fall to local councils, employers and schools.

GMB union National Local Government and Schools Committee’s consists of elected representatives from all GMB union Regions. They have considered the pay offer in detail and believe that this pay offer falls short of our expectations at this time and agreed to recommend rejection of the pay offer.

GMB union members will now be given the opportunity to vote to either accept the offer, or reject and express and interest to potentially participate in future industrial action.

What is a consultative ballot?

A consultative ballot offers all members a vote to have their say on pay. Members can vote to accept or reject the offer. A rejection of the pay offer also indicates a willingness to participate in industrial action to pursue the campaign for a pay increase.

How do I vote?

Each GMB region is running their own ballots, using a variety of methods i.e. workplace ballots, email, SMS, postal, etc. Contact your local GMB union Representative or Office to request details of how you can vote.

Why should I vote?

This is your opportunity to have your say on your pay and to let GMB union, your employer and the Government know, whether you accept or reject this pay offer. As a union member, it’s crucial that you don’t miss this chance to vote. The higher the turnout of member votes we receive, the more accurate reflection we have of our members views on their pay.

Trade union laws, also require us to receive a majority of members returning their ballot papers and voting to reject the pay offer, if we are to consider any form of industrial action.

What’s the schedule for the consultation?

In GMB all members have a say on their pay and GMB union regions will shortly be launching consultative ballots. The pay ballot will open Monday 20th March 2023 and close Friday 28th April 2023 at midday.

Only union members in recognised unions will have an influential vote in this ballot to indicate whether a majority of employees accept or reject the pay offer. The recognised unions are GMB union, Unison and Unite.

If accepted by the majority of the unions membership then the offer will apply from 1st April, 2023. If rejected by the majority of the members an industrial action campaign will start.

What happens when the vote closes?

Once the ballot closes on Friday 28th April 2023 at midday GMB union Organisers and reps will meet to consider the results and determine the next steps in this campaign. An all-members communication will be issued with the results.

What will happen if GMB union members reject the pay offer?

If the pay offer is rejected by the majority of GMB union members we will look to move to a formal ballot for industrial action where minimum return thresholds have been met. (Over 50% of eligible members return their ballot papers with a majority voting to reject).

I’m not a member can I vote?

Only GMB union members can vote. Join today at and you can have your say on pay. Once you have joined, contact your local GMB office/branch to request a ballot paper.