GMB union members at Clock View Hospital
15 February 2023

Union members forced to take action at Clock View Hospital

This hospital offers specialist care,  for example caring for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act, Dementia and Mental health conditions.

Working conditions are often challenging.

This strike hasn’t been taken lightly. This is what we believe is a last resort.

We aren’t just doing this for ourselves, but for the service users we care for.

How as staff are we to deliver a sufficient level of care to an underfunded and understaffed service?

How as a service are we able to recruit and retain staff, when there are jobs available with similar wages that require a fraction of the skill set and responsibility that nursing depends upon?

Each year nurses put themselves through the stress and financial burden of university, only to qualify three years later with the huge responsibility of dealing with people's lives and an inadequate salary to go with it. 

In real terms all NHS staff have received a pay cut when you factor in inflation and the current cost of living crisis. 

Burnout in staff isn't uncommon and unfortunately this is only going to an increasing trend as our service is eroded under the current government.

This is why we’re here today. We can’t sit back and let this continue.