Asda trade union update on Royal Funeral bank holiday for members

The GMB trade union is urging Asda to get it right on this.

15 September 2022

The GMB trade union is concerned that Asda's bank holiday working arrangements will not allow sufficient flexibility to those staff who want to pay their last respects to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Asda have said that stores will open at 5pm, however a skeleton staff will be required, as will a night team, with double time being offered for all hours worked.

The GMB union supports the rights of those colleagues wishing to work, however we believe this should be on a purely voluntary basis - no one should be told to come into work and denied their opportunity to mourn, alongside the rest of the nation.

Asda's decision comes as other retailers have decided to close their stores, and in the same week that Sainsbury's have announced a 25p pay increase for shop floor staff to help them with the cost of living.

The GMB trade union is urging Asda to get it right on this. Give staff the right to choose whether they work on the Bank Holiday Monday or not. Allow GMB members to choose for themselves what is right for them and their family on this important day for the nation.

We will update you if we hear anything further on this issue.

Nadine Houghton

GMB union National Officer

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