GMB union celebrates LGBT+ History Month

GMB union celebrates LGBT+ History Month

21 February 2020

An event organised by the Regional Equalities Group was held at Bill Smith House in Liverpool on Friday Feb 14th. A day to celebrate LGBT+ History Month and the progress the region is making supporting equality for members.

Christian Owens, Detective Sargent on the Merseyside Police, was first to share his story. Christian only recently completed the final stages of his surgery late in 2019, after a 10 year journey transforming from female to male. He undertook this journey as an active police officer, bravely pushing forward through al the challenges.

He is an inspiration, so positive and ready to help anyone who may want a little support through their journey.

Reverend Sr. Maria Renate, is active in the church today and been brought out of retirement by the Merseyside Police. She was born INTERSEX, in the 1950’s when these things were pushed under the carpet and made to go away. As she explains the default solution was to remove any male genitalia and ignore any mental side effects or hormones driving that persons gender orientation.

She was unfortunately bullied during her younger years and whilst the church was accepting of her intersex status, she had a battle to be ordained.

Reverend Renate has the most fantastic sense of humour, an ability to find the positive in every situation and we are very lucky to have her support and commitment.

Mathew Denton is a GMB member, Representative, member of the Equalities Group and part of the Mersey Marauders FC. Working in a male dominated factory environment he was not comfortable to let his work colleagues know that he is in fact gay man. Shop floor banter often included homophobic remarks, but with support of the GMB union and Mersey Marauders FC he has been able to come out at work.

Lindsay England, GMB member and founder of Just a Ball Game? Is part of the GMB Equalities group that put this event together is very happy with the progress the group is making, reaching out to members and helping them make a difference in their workplace.

‘’We are making the history of tomorrow, the GMB North West & Irish Region is very progressive when it comes to LGBT+’’ Lindsay England

GMB North West & Irish Region

GMB Union LGBT+ History Month event Feb 2020