GMB trade union coronavirus update

UnionLine Coronavirus phone line on 0114 2962072

18 March 2020

From care and NHS workers to airport and energy staff, schools and people working in supermarkets and so many other jobs, we know GMB members are on the frontline of the coronavirus emergency.

Our priorities as your union are:

  1. To Keep members safe

  2. Ensure wages continue to be paid

  3. Secure the future of industries that will be under threat if they are forced to close for a longer period of time.

GMB is also an employer, and will be impacted like everyone else. We already have a number of employees in self-isolation, but we are going to do our very best to continue to provide the best possible support to members.

What GMB Union is doing

Working with employers to put safety and employment protections in place

Taking on bad employers who are refusing to keep employees safe

Calling on the government and speaking to politicians to urge them to take action on public health, but also on securing the economy so that jobs are protected. Any public aid for companies must be dependent on security for workers.

What should members do if they need help?

Contact your workplace rep or Officer as the first port of call

Visit the GMB coronavirus hub where we will be continually updating advice for members

If you are unable to contact a rep or officers, call the UnionLine Coronavirus phone line on 0114 2962072 (please only do this if really needed as it is likely the phone line will be quite busy).

Government advice is constantly changing. GMB will update our coronavirus hub regularly, including with frequently asked questions about what to do if you are exposed to coronavirus or required to self-isolate.

Staff can help to prevent the spread of infection by:

· Always carry tissues and use them to catch coughs and sneezes, and bin the tissue
Wash your hands with soap and water (sing “Happy Birthday” twice to ensure you wash for the recommended time!)

· If facilities to wash your hands are not available, use sanitiser gels to kill germs

· Keep your work area clean – particularly if you ‘hot desk’ – ensure you clean your desk/phone with antibacterial wipes/spray

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GMB Union update: coronavirus (Covid-19)