Ex-Carillion bosses paid by Royal Liverpool Hospital
12 June 2019

Former Carilion bosses being paid to fix a mess they helped create is ‘disgusting’ says GMB

Senior figures from collapsed contractor Carillion who were involved in the building of the failed new Royal Liverpool Hospital are now being paid by the public to assist in helping to finish off the project.

After Carillion's collapse last year it was discovered three out of the 11 floors of the new build needed strengthening due to structural issues leaving the unsafe.

Cladding also used by Carillion on the building has also been deemed unsafe.

Michael Evans, GMB Regional Organiser, said:

The botched work of Carillion left a brand-new hospital with structural issues, dangerous cladding and tens of thousands of people out of work.

The fact senior people involved in this mess are being rewarded for their failure and are now being paid to fix it is disgusting.”

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