17 February 2023

GMB union members at Asda warned about changes to nights replenishment

Asda have announced proposals to potentially cut over 4,000 jobs as part of changes to their night replenishment process. Asda will begin collective consultation with the GMB union as they move away from a nighttime ambient replenishment process to a 'Twilight' replenishment (between the hours of 7 and midnight) in 184 stores.

The impact of these changes is that, with the removal of the night allowance, a night colleague could see their pay reduced by as much as £300 - £500 a month, if they were to accept moving from night hours to the new 'twilight' hours.

Given the new shifts are a significant change in hours and drop in pay we expect Asda to be offering redundancy packages to those colleagues unable to accept the new shifts. As you would expect, the GMB trade union has huge concerns about the changes. The cut in pay and hours is, of course, our primary concern, but the potential impact on colleagues' health and safety is also worrying. With colleagues finishing work gone midnight, getting home may become more risky and more expensive.

Replenishing stock with more customers on the shop floor also poses further Health and Safety risks and we know that local managers are concerned about how ineffective the move will be. GMB union reps will be visiting night colleagues in as many of the affected stores as possible over the coming weeks.

We will be surveying our members and seeking your views on the proposals. If you would like a visit from a GMB trade union rep, please contact your local GMB union office.

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