GMB trade union branches must nominate for CEC election
17 May 2019

As you know, 2019 is an election year for the Central Executive Council. I am the CEC appointed Regional Returning Officer for this Region.

See below a summary timetable for these elections. Nominations will open on Monday 24 June, and close on Monday 19 August. Voting will be from Wednesday 9 October to Wednesday 30 October.

Nominations will be by Branches as follows. All Branches can nominate for the Region’s General Seat(s) save for the Ireland General seat which can only be nominated by Branches in Ireland; its Women’s Reserved Seat and nationally elected Race Reserved, Young Member, Disabled and LGBT seats. Only Section Branches and relevant Section members in a composite Branch can nominate for a Section Seat. You will be sent the appropriate nomination forms in due course.

Voting will be by all financial members of the Region, i.e. all those members who are in benefit on 31 August. New members joining after that date, and members clearing their arrears after that date, are not entitled to vote. Only members in Ireland can vote for the Ireland General Seat.

As required by law, voting will be fully postal, conducted by the Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services. It is imperative that between now and 31 August you ensure that the register of members for your Branch is complete and accurate.

I am sure I can depend on your co-operation to ensure that this election is conducted fairly and efficiently.

Yours sincerely

Terry Mellor


GMB North West & Irish Region

GMB North West & Irish Region