12 April 2023

An update for GMB union members at Asda on the twilight consultation - removal of stores

Dear Members

Following on from the hard work of our National Representatives, a further 56 ASDA stores have been removed from the original proposal, and Colleagues at those stores are no longer at risk of redundancy.

This comes after ASDA looked into the challenges raised by GMB union with regards to the current night operation, things that would make the new proposal very difficult to operate.

Clearly there are still 110 stores in scope. We have identified that a significant number of these sit in 'high risk and ultra-high risk' areas. Asking workers, many women, to leave work late at night with no public transport - particularly in these high-risk areas is not acceptable and that will be the line we take with the Company.

In addition to this, Asda are looking at extending the replenishment window earlier to 6pm for cage-based replenishment, allowing for marginally longer shifts which will help protect hours for impacted Colleagues.

There will be four new operating models for twilights depending on each store and how it runs.

We have 11 stores in this Region that have been removed from this consultation.

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