GMB NHS Paramedic trade union retirement age survey
25 June 2019

The retirement age for operational ambulance workers now stands at 68 years of age. This could prove to have a detrimental impact on the long-term health of many of our members. Studies have shown that shift workers are more at risk of developing ill-health conditions.

Many GMB members working in the ambulance service believe this increased retirement age to be unreasonable considering the physical and mental demands of the job. A 68-year-old member of staff is potentially responding to patients who are younger and normally more able bodied than themselves.

Would a more appropriate retirement age be 60 years of age in-line with other physically demanding roles in the Police, Fire and Armed Forces?

As a GMB member working in the ambulance service we want to hear what your thoughts are on this issue. Please take a few moments to complete the on-line survey at:


Alternatively, you can request a paper version of the survey from your local GMB Representative and return it to FREEPOST GMB or email to

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