GMB North West & Irish Region
30 January 2013

HUNDREDS of jobs are at risk at Liverpool’s Royal hospital as managers prepare to make cuts over the next five years. The startling figure – more than 10% of the hospital’s workforce – was revealed at a board meeting of the hospital trust. But health chiefs planning the cost-cutting measures described the number as a “worst case scenario” and vowed to protect frontline staff.

Royal chief executive Aidan Kehoe said: “Like every NHS organisation we are required to make savings to provide the best value for money for tax payers whilst maintaining a high standard of patient care. “To make these savings we are looking at a wide range of measures across the health system to transform patient care such as supporting patients with long term conditions to avoid unnecessary hospital admission, using the latest techniques and technology, such as robotic surgery, increasing our income and reducing infections.”

The Royal, one of the three biggest hospitals in the north west, employs 5,500 staff and deals with 85,000 in-patients every year, plus A&E out-patients. It is understood management and back-room staff are most at risk from cuts but bosses hope other money-saving schemes planned for the coming years will reduce the need for compulsory redundancies. Mr Kehoe stressed the savings were not being made because of plans to rebuild the hospital. He added: “We will do everything possible to minimise the impact on our staff. However, as staffing forms a significant part of our costs, it is likely that staff will be affected.

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Courtesy of Liverpool Daily Post