GMB union members delighted that ASDA appeal is dismissed

GMB union members have fought for it

26 March 2021

GMB union members delighted that the Supreme Court has dismissed the Asda appeal.

GMB trade union has welcomed the news today that the Supreme Court has dismissed Asda’s appeal allowing shop workers to compare themselves to distribution workers in their ongoing Equal pay battle.

The Equal Value claim, which was first lodged by GMB in the North West & Irish Region, could potentially see Asda having to pay out up to £500 million in compensation.  This is the 4th time in succession Asda have lost in court on this matter and takes us a step closer to victory for our members.

The claim effects around 40,000 Asda workers nationally.

GMB union Senior Organiser, Giovanna Holt welcomed the decision saying:

“This is the fourth court battle Asda has lost and they should now be looking to do the right thing and meet with us to settle these claims on behalf of a predominantly female workforce who Asda have consistently refused to compare their pay with that of their higher paid mostly male workforce in distribution.

Recognising the solidarity of Asda members Giovanna continued:

“To GMB union members in Asda; I would like to thank all you who have stood solid in this case and not lost faith. You deserve this, you have fought for it, and everyone now knows that as Key Workers you are not “just shop workers” you are vital to this country and you are worth fighting for. Keep the Faith”

It's been a long hard road made harder unnecessarily by Asda, but at least we now have the right to compare ourselves, it's not over yet but it's a whole lot closer.


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Giovanna Holt, GMB union Senior Organiser talks about the trade union ASDA Pay Claim