GMB union members holiday pay at ASDA
28 November 2019

If you are contracted to work and do not work, you would have normally been paid on either of the above festive Bank Holidays.

For this year only, if you are scheduled to work any of the above festive Bank Holidays this year and do not wish to work but would still like to be paid, there will be a process in place to make sure you are paid for full contracted hours at your holiday rate of pay.

The festive Holidays this year are:-

26th December

1st January


The process (including if you have already booked this day(s) as a holiday will be as follows:-

If a colleague has top up day(s) remaining at the point they move across to the new contract then we will process this as a day holiday(s)

Our Asda Contract – Holiday Entitlements

Standard Days

If a colleague does not have top up hours or sufficient top up hours remaining as they move across to the new contract then we will pay any remaining hours at their holiday rate of pay, as a cash payment.

This payment would be paid on 31st January 2020.

This protection applies to colleagues who agreed to move onto the new contract on or after 14th July 2019. If you moved over to Contract 6 before this date, then the holiday rules as per Contract 6 will apply.

GMB North West & Irish Region