GMB Trade Union helps protect NHS staff's rights in the workplace, assisting with the negotiation of their terms and conditions, representing them when required, and providing them with an effective collective voice.

It’s worth remembering that the NHS was set up after the second world war to provide free healthcare for all, regardless of financial circumstances, so that everyone from the very wealthy to the very poorest would never be denied access to a doctor just because they had no money to pay the bill. 

The NHS has faced many challenges, not least lately as a result of the austerity cuts which were imposed to compensate for the global banking crisis. Staff numbers being cut, a pay freeze imposed and a greater reliance on agency staff to fulfil shortfalls in staffing levels. 

GMB Trade Union will fight the government's plans to break the NHS up into attractive bundles and sell them off to private companies.

Say NO to privatisation of our NHS.