ASDA Contract pressure by GMB trade union
29 August 2019

Just last Wednesday, we descended in huge numbers on Asda’s Leeds headquarters to demand this company respect its workforce. Tens of thousands of supporters committed to stand with Asda workers by signing our petition and joining our call.

GMB’s video, highlighting the impact of Contract 6 is having on our colleagues, has reached more than 3 million people and received coverage across print, TV, radio and online.

MPs have been writing to Asda, on behalf of GMB members, in droves to challenge them over Contract 6.

Together we’ve been keeping up the pressure on Asda to give colleagues a better deal.

Our Pressure Forces Talks

Through our members standing together and refusing to sign, we have been able to gain improvements to what was proposed.

But they do not go far enough to be acceptable.

You told us loud and clear that:

Colleagues fear what flexibility would mean
The rate of pay doesn’t reflect what colleagues are being told they have to give up
Long service holidays would be lost
Bank holidays premiums would go
The night window would be shortened

We’ve been crystal clear with Asda that these issues must be addressed – and that the company should commit to respecting its loyal, dedicated workforce.

As a result of the pressure we’ve already applied together, discussions will be taking place between GMB representatives and Asda management – and ACAS is also being actively considered.


Asda still intends on following through with its threat to dismiss colleagues who have not signed this contract by Saturday 2 November.

We're clear that Asda should never have put you in this position.

It’s no way to treat dedicated colleagues and brings shame on the business.

And it’s not good enough.

Together We’ll Keep Building the Pressure

So it doesn’t stop there – we’ll be holding two coordinated days of action nationwide to keep the pressure up in the coming weeks:

*Thursday 5 September*

*Monday 16 September*

There will be GMB organised protests outside Asda stores planned up and down the country – so please join your local store demo if you can - and help build further public support for our call on Asda to respect its workers. Shoppers will be horrified to learn what's happening.

5th September


16th September

Astley Bridge
Trafford park
Ellesmere Port

Please visit our live information page order to find your nearest store demonstration (details will be updated as more locations are confirmed):

Asda should listen to its workforce - it can afford to treat colleagues better. And it must.

We’re on your side – and we’ll battle together – for a workplace free from bullying, for a better deal, and for a decent pay increase in April for all.

Together we can grow a voice too powerful to ignore.

In unity.

GMB North West & Irish Region


GMB North West & Irish Region