GMB members strike action at Cammell Laird
28 November 2018

GMB dispute at Cammell Lairds, Birkenhead. As you may be aware, the Company is currently looking at making nearly 300 employees redundant. I am sure I do not need to tell you that these are skilled jobs desperately needed in an increasing economy of precarious employment. Throughout the consultation period, the GMB have pressed the company on their justification for this proposal as we firmly believe this is a cynical way to bring in a further casualisation of terms & conditions.

Unfortunately, despite presenting many alternatives that could have avoided this, Union members commenced the action short of strike on Friday by withdrawing any overtime arrangements.

Our members have been heartened by the solidarity from across the whole Labour movement and we are keen to keep this up. I appreciate some colleagues have already given their support and you will no doubt want to explore further practical ways you can assist and we will be back in touch on this. However, visiting the picket line would be one quick way as the strike started, Monday 26th November at 7am and there will be a picket line in place 7-5 Monday to Friday for at least 3 weeks.

We all know it would be devastating for the members, the region and our communities if these jobs were lost.


OVERTIME BAN - Commencing 16:00 on 23.11.2018


  • ALL FITTER AND WELDER MEMBERS – series of 24 hour stoppages commencing at 07:00 hours on 26th November 2018, 3rd December 2018 and 10th December 2018
  • ALL PLATER AND PLUMBER MEMBERS – series of 24 hour stoppages commencing at 07:00 hours on 27th November 2018, 4th December 2018 and 11th December 2018
  • ALL STORES, RIGGER AND LABOURER MEMBERS – series of 24 hour stoppages commencing at 07:00 hours on 28th November 2018, 5th December 2017 and 12th December 2018
  • ALL CLEANER, HEALTH & SAFETY AND SHIPWRIGHT MEMBERS – series of 24 hour stoppages commencing at 07:00 hours on 29th November 2018, 6th December 2018 and 13th December 2018
  • ALL PLANT, QUALITY CONTROL AND BURNER MEMBERS – series of 24 hour stoppages commencing at 07:00 hours on 30th November 2018, 7th December 2018 and 14th December 2018
  • ALL SUPERVISORS – have been identified by their trade on the company’s latest trade list, so please see above and take action with your trade.

Any further dates will be notified to you in due course.

If you’re in any doubt regarding dates, please see your GMB Shop Steward.

Here are some of the comments of people in support of our members at Cammell Laird.

Comments in Support

Tim Roache

I want to express the full support of our great GMB Union to our members in
their fight for fairness, justice and job security.
The proposal to make nearly 300 highly skilled workers redundant is
disgraceful and made even worse in the run up to Christmas.
Their fight is our fight.
Solidarity to you all

Jake Mclean
Solidarity to our shipbuilding brothers, keep fighting the good
fight. We are facing site closure at Appledore 15th March, will try to get
up and support on the picket. All members from Appledore Shipbuilders branch
Z27 are in support of your action. We can’t let these companies casulise
British shipbuilding any more.

Cllr Rob Bisset

Hi Neil

More than happy to become involved in this. I will most certainly visit the picket line. Please come back to me with anything further.

Cllr James Noakes

Labour Councillor for Clubmoor Ward


Thanks for your email. If I can, I will get across but I am finding it difficult with Cabinet, Council and work commitments.

Best wishes to your members.




Dear Neil,

Thanks for the information on the action taking place at Cammell Lairds, my branch has sent a £1000 in support and I will try and get to the picket line.

Regards, Phil

Cllr James Hull,

Labour (St George's Ward) PCC

We at Preston City Council (PCC) are fully behind you in the struggle to protect peoples' lives and jobs. I probably will not be able to get over to Birkenhead to join the picket, but our thoughts are with you Comrades at this difficult time in the negotiations. Anything i can do to help, please let me know.

Councillor Wayne Blackburn

Labour Councillor for Clover Hill

Hi Neil,

I hope you’re well. Many thanks for your email.

I’d be more than happy to come and support the campaign. Do you have any particular days that you’re planning things? Also, do you have any materials that can be shared on social media?

Please send my solidarity to your comrades and if I can be of any help then please let me know.

Kind regards and best wishes,


Julie McManus

Ward Cllr Bidston St. James

Thanks for sending this through.

Like many people from Birkenhead, My Dad Grandad & uncles all worked & served apprenticeships at Lairds.

I will be visiting the picket line to show my support.

Julie McManus

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