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Welcome to GMB North West & Irish Young Members!

Since hosting the 3rd annual National Young Members Summit in Manchester in November 2015 we are now growing like never before with more members coming together and big plans for the year ahead. If you are a member in the GMB North West & Irish Region under the age of 30 and are looking to get involved, we are a new network of young trade unionists fighting for better rights and opportunities for young people!

Our region was proud to attend the GMB Young Members Conference in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2017. Six young members represented our region as delegates: Johny Rolleston, Daniel Jones, Alice Pitchford and Holly Stewart and Hamzah Hamid. Over the weekend delegates made the most of getting involved in union democracy. Main activities included workshops on passing policy in the GMB, setting out motions for Young Members Network policy and campaigns in 2018 and listening to this year’s guest speakers which included McStrike Workers and Richard Leonard the new Scottish Labour Leader. The conference was also the time for delegates to elect their new National Young Members Committee for the year. Ruth Pitchford from Bolton23 Branch was elected by a large majority to be the new Chair for the National and Alice Pitchford was elected to be the Communications officer for the Young Members Network!

Driving our young members’ campaigns this year is the fact that even in 2018, young people are more at risk and more unequal at work today than ever before, whether its low pay, exploitative zero-hours contracts and bully managers or continuing gender pay-gaps and lack of decent apprenticeship opportunities.

With this momentum behind us; we have launched our Facebook, Twitter and this website page so our young members are better connected than ever for upcoming campaigns and events in our region. However, to continue growing we need more young people to join the GMB and our Young Members Network. We want to bring more young trade union members together and share ideas, enjoy fantastic social events and campaign for better rights, protections & opportunities for young people. Key to this will be to raise the profile of our Regional Young Members Network in our branches and workplaces and to encourage young members to get involved in union democracy.

So if you know any young GMB members, young non-union members who you are looking to recruit or a young GMB member yourself, come be a part of an exciting and growing network of fellow young members in the North West & Irish Region! If you would like to come be a part of our Young Members Network or find out more information about when our next campaigns and events are, please contact our Regional Young Members Officers Neil Smith by phone on 0161 627 3062 or by email at

or Denise Walker by phone on 02890 393 340 or by email at

Also please visit our young member's page on the regional website, our Facebook page

and our Twitter page @GMBYoungNWI for more information! -

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