GMB young members summit 2017
11 December 2017

On the 25th and the 26th November, the fifth annual GMB Young Members summit was held by Scotland Region. All nine regions came together to set out the year ahead and reflect on the past year. The GMB Young Members Network is a membership led democratic body that works to bring young GMB members together, making their voices heard in the union and in society by campaigning on issues affecting young people at work. 

GMB North West & Irish Region GMB North West & Irish Region

Over the weekend, the attendees gained a wide range of skills and knowledge from attending a wide range of workshops and listening to speakers. A workshop which gained positive reviews was the ‘Regional Activists’ ran by Ross Holden and Ruth Pitchford, where young members had to talk their own regional meetings and who they felt they would be able to talk too within their regional structures. Young members found this a useful part of the conference as they felt like they were able to take this back to their regions. Other workshops included ‘Writting and moving Motions” and we had guest speakers such as McStrike Workers, Hazel Nolan on BiFab and the newly elected Labour Leader - Richard Leonard.

North West and Ireland delegates; Daniel Jones, Alice Pitchford, Jonny Rolleston, Nathan Johnson, Holly Stewart and Hamzah Hamid. Ruth Pitchford also attended as the previous years’ committee. "Young activists are the life line of the union's future. We are the future union." – Jonny Rolleston.  Delegates also elected their own 2017 committee where Ruth Pitchford was then elected as chair for the next coming year and Alice Pitchford as communications.

Following on from the previous year, the Young Members had their own awards that were handed out at summit. There was the work place rep award that was awarded to Johnathon Biggins from Midlands and East Coast. New Regional Activist Awards went to Dave Toulson from Birmingham and West Midlands and Ryan Maynes from London Region. The first ever Young Turner award went to our own Ruth Pitchford. Well deserved by all three winners.