GMB union believes that the closure of Malvern PS would have a serious detrimental effect on the education of the pupils.

GMB trade union wishes to put on record its total opposition to the implementation to the BELB Primary Area Plan as it currently exists in relation to the Lower Shankill Area.

Due to serious Social and Economic pressures in this area the closure of this school would fly in the face of the DE objectives of Targeting Social Need. The enrollment of the school shows a high concentration of SEN and disadvantaged children. These children would be forced into larger schools, larger classrooms and would possibly not get the care and attention they so need which is currently provided in Malvern PS.

The Protest today at Belfast Education Library Board Headquarters shows local opposition to the proposal along with support of community representatives/MLAS/ councilors and MPS

The Decision has been deferred to the new year after the protest.