GMB North West & Irish Region
10 August 2015

Campaigns for Justice is a GMB initiative aimed at highlighting and supporting various campaigns on behalf of those who have suffered as a consequence of powerful forces thinking they are above the law. 

Those campaigns involve people who have experienced injustice at the hands of unscrupulous employers or those in authority or in power.  All of them have one thing in common: Their quest for justice.

Last Year Speakers included,

  • Margaret Aspinall, Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group
  • Mirror journalist Brian Reade was at Hillsborough and has campaigned from day one
  • Shadow Secretary of State Andy Burnham described how he had seen post-it notes with orders to change Hillsborough evidence on police logs
  • Dave Smith from the blacklisting support group held up the 36-page blacklisting file that was kept on him
  • Neil Findlay is a Member for Scottish Parliament and sees himself as being on the political wing of the Trade Union movement
  • A former safety rep on a McAlpine site, Ricky Tomlinson, has been campaigning for justice for the Shrewsbury 24 for years
  • Dave Hopper from the Miners’ Association told us the miners’ strike was a war, with Thatcher directing industrial terrorism to break the Unions
  • Former Shipyard worker Eddie Marnell and GMB National Officer Dave Hulse told conference the story of a Cammell Laird strike
  •  Brian Davies, former GMB convenor at Remploy, fought to keep the factories open
  • Alistair Morgan’s brother Daniel was axed to death in a South London car park
  • Labour MP Tom Watson said it’s only the Trade Unions that can draw these campaigns together

Tickets available from Neil Smith on 0161 622 4997 or email

  • Friday 4 September 10:30 to 15:30
  • Saturday 5 September 11:00 to 15:15


6 Mount Street


M2 5NS

Also check out the micro site for more information, videos, photo etc from last years event.

Margaret Aspinall Hillsborough families