5 February 2016

Want to get more involved with mental health@work?

GMB Young Members on Mental Health interview John Halligan from the TUC

(Preview) GMB Young Members Chat to North West TUC's John Halligan on Mental Health at Work

"The GMB Regional Education Dept is holding one of many 1-day workshops on Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace on 29th February at Regional Office in Liverpool. The workshop covers issues such as workplace conditions, employers response, options for reps and an introduction to Mental Health First Aid training.

22 January 2016

GMB Young Members March on Westminster for #£10NOW, Living Wage Campaign

GMB Young members march on westminster #£10NOW

On 13th January, GMB young members joined members of BFAWU and UK and US fast food workers in a demonstration outside McDonalds in Whitehall, London, calling for a £10 per hour living wage for all fast food workers in the UK and in solidarity with the Fight for $15 living wage campaign in the USA.

20 January 2016

GMB Young Members Interview Luciana Berger MP to discuss the Mental Health Campaign

GMB Young Members interview Luciana Berger MP

GMB YM Young Workers Mental Health Campaign: Interview with Luciana Berger MP

On 13th January, GMB young members Ross Holden and Ruth Pitchford went down to Westminster to interview Luciana Berger MP for the National Young Members Network's mental health campaign, after the North West & Irish Region helped them get in contact with her.