Save Liverpool Women's at GMB International Women's Day
22 March 2017

Felicity Dowling from Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital spoke at the GMB International Women’s Day event held in March 2017. Her message is clear; Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital for all our sisters, mothers, daughters and babies.

  • Defend all the services for women and babies
  • Remain on the site
  • Invest in resources like paediatric and level 3 intensive care
  • Improve the national maternity tariff, all babies matter
  • Fully fund the NHS and maternity services across the UK
  • Train more midwives, junior doctors, paediatric nurses
  • Bring back the bursaries
  • Provide services publically and not for profit
  • Reform NHS Insurance
  • Establish contracts with all specialist services required
  • No Spire or other private hospital on the Crown Street site
  • Improve inter hospital transport systems
  • No cuts in beds or services
  • No wasteful pop up services

Fundamental problems are developing in the NHS, because of cuts to NHS funding. The UK spends less per head than other advanced European Countries and the USA spends more for a much inferior service, because it is a profit based system.

Accident and Emergency, Mental Health and Maternity are in the front line for cuts and shortages.

The campaign to Save Liverpool Women’s is developing a detailed response to the proposals produced by the CCG and their management consultants. Please help by organising meetings in your areas, sharing information with your branches & members and inform your family & friends about the battle to Save Liverpool Women’s.

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GMB International Women's Day 2017, Save Liverpool Women's