GMB trade union Stand up to Racism
4 February 2019

After attacks and harassment of RMT pickets, Muslims, disabled people, bookshops, a Holocaust survivor, trades unionists, socialists, and anti-racist campaigners...the racist 'yellow vests’ have announced they will be back in Manchester on Sat 9th Feb.

We oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, all forms of racism! We call for the widest unity and support for a Rally in Manchester city centre 10.30am Saturday 9th February, in Piccadilly Gardens. Manchester. (top of Market St)

Oppose the fascists! Keep Manchester Nazi Free! No Pasaran!

The GMB Northwest & Irish trade union is a supporter, political officer Neil Smith is organising GMB members to attend and looking for a strong support from this regions membership. Neil said ''We have to fight racism and fascism, there is no place for it in our society and we can make a difference as a trade union. By organising ourselves showing unity and solidarity, we can win this fight.''


We, the undersigned, oppose plans by fascists to demonstrate in Manchester city centre on Saturday 9th February.

In early January, the fake 'Yellow Vest' fascists targeted RMT members on a picket line at Victoria Station and - over the past couple of weeks - have targeted anti-racist street stalls in Manchester.

We oppose the fascist 'Tommy Robinson' - and the leader of the fascist 'Yellow Vest' protests, James Goddard - and note with concern the linking up between 'Robinson' and the mainstream right in the form of UKIP, under Gerard Batten's leadership - as well as the rise of fascist organisations across Europe.

We oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, all forms of racism, and support the rally organised by Unite Against Fascism and Stand Up to Racism, in Manchester city centre on Saturday 9th February, to oppose the fascists.

We also support the Stand Up to Racism mobilising rally in Manchester on March 2nd, to promote support for the TUC supported National Demonstration against racism in London on 16th March - part of an international day of action to challenge the growth of the far right across Europe, US and Brazil.

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(This statement initiated by Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism & Greater Manchester Stand Up to Racism.)

GMB North West & Irish Region