GMB trade union email to ASDA SVP
30 July 2019

Please see below for all long serving Colleagues who have lost service days, please feel free to use the following email template to email Anthony Hemmerdinger. Let him know how you feel about the way Asda is treating you and how unfair these proposed changes are.

Colleagues - It needs to be emailed to

To Anthony Hemmerdinger SVP Asda

Dear Anthony

In your letter to colleagues ‘Our ASDA Contract’.

It clearly states. 'All colleagues will receive 28 standard days of holidays inclusive of all bank holidays and float day’.

It also states. 'The additional days of holiday entitlement you earn for long service would remain unchanged’.

Any long serving colleagues who have already served 10 years should , by comparison to a new starter , have 32 because they EARNED:-

1 day at 3 years
2 days at 5 years
1 day at 10 years

A colleague with 15 years has EARNED 5 days

A colleague with 20 years has EARNED 6 days

It still clearly shows that in the Long Service Policy that the new handbook directs colleagues to yet any colleagues with up to 20 years service only is being given 28 days the same as a new starter.

That cannot be right, they are told their service days have been 'incorporated' Why? What has actually been incorporated is top up days.

If Asda believe they 'act with integrity' that 'trust is at the heart of our business' and 'We want to make sure we are trusted by our colleagues' this is the best way to start. You need to rethink the stance on long service days.


GMB North West & Irish Region