Justice for Cammell Lairds 37 says GMB
18 January 2017

37 men spent up to a month in jail in 1984 after being arrested at Cammell Laird, in Birkenhead, during a dispute over jobs.  They were targeted to put off others involved in industrial action.

The group were on strike for 10 months and occupied part of the site, including a gas rig under construction, and were sentenced to jail in their absence for daring to stand up against the power of the state and all that it had to throw at them.

The men have fought for over 30 years to get the truth about what happened, even taking their battle to the European Parliament in despair, after having exhausted all legal and ‘Freedom of Information’ channels at national level to get access to information and justice.

Several of the men have since passed away and went to their grave with this injustice remaining unresolved and with no remedy or formal apology for their inhumane treatment and this sense of injustice remains with their families

The others are determined to carry on the fight.

Justice for Cammell Laird’s 37 tells the story of the battle for jobs, livelihoods and communities fought on the Mersey in 1984.  It’s the story of a 10 month strike; of socialism born of the head and heart; and of 37 young men who dared to stand up against the power of the state and all that it had to throw at them.  They went on strike together; they stood side by side in struggle, endured unjust jail sentences, and emerged unbroken and unrepentant.

This is their story told in their own words.

Justice for Cammell Laird's 37