GMB union fight for Equal Pay continues at Asda
17 February 2023

GMB union fight for Equal Pay continues at Asda

The fight for Equal Pay in Asda may take a step forward this week as GMB awaits the outcome of the report from the 'independent experts'. Independent experts are appointed by the tribunal in equal pay cases to assess the work of the comparators and make recommendations about whether the jobs being compared (i.e. the jobs in retail and distribution) are of 'equal value'.

The Independent Experts report gets sent to the lawyers and the tribunal this week. The lawyers on each side then have an opportunity to question the methodology used by the independent experts and can even instruct their own experts if they think the methodology is wrong.

The lawyers acting on behalf of GMB members in the case expect to be able to share the reports with claimants after the 6th February. The reports are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone who is not part of the case. We will provide you with a further update as soon as we can.

Given Asda’s continued attempts to cut costs and get more out of workers without valuing them properly, we feel the equal pay case is more important than ever. We will continue to do everything we can to hold Asda to account.

Thank you for your continued support.

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