GMB trade union lodges failure to agree with ASDA
4 April 2018

GMB has submitted a failure to agree on behalf of GMB members employed in ASDA Distribution and Retail.

We welcome the news that those currently in the Step Up Scheme will retain 4x death in service and TUPE transferred staff will maintain their current entitlement. However, GMB believes, at least 4x death in service should be an option for all hourly paid colleagues.

From April 2018, hourly paid colleagues will be expected to pay more in to their pension. ASDA has previously matched pension contributions, but this will no longer be the case.

At a time when incomes are being squeezed and people’s standard of living and disposable incomes are falling, asking people to contribute more, but get less from ASDA, is unacceptable. This is in effect a pay cut.

The move away from matched pension contributions is seen by GMB members as detrimental, unfair and a retrograde step.

ASDA has also taken away choice. It’s closing the Step Up scheme, so it is now the statutory minimum Start pension, or nothing.

ASDA’s current pension provision compares poorly with its competitors and the pension changes will widen the gap still further.

The introduction of the lower earnings threshold hits the lowest paid, predominately part time, women workers the hardest. GMB believes the pension changes increase inequality and the overall gender pay gap.

ASDA is a very large and profitable retailer. Pensions cost ASDA less than 1.5% of their total wage bill. ASDA has the ability to pay and should invest in its colleagues and their futures.

The ASDA pension issue has stirred emotions and brought passions to the surface. GMB is not prepared to accept a “levelling down” or a race to the bottom.

ASDA colleagues deserve a good pension scheme, now and for the future.

For all these reasons, GMB has lodged a failure to agree and started the disputes process.

If you or a member of your family works at ASDA and not yet a GMB trade union member, you can join us online today

GMB North West & Irish Region